Remix Recap

I thought it might be nice to reflect on the outfits the way some other bloggers do....maybe it will help me feel like my outfit choices are not as monotonous looking as I think they are.

My favorite look of this six:  I think TWO:)



In this outfit:
  • Hollister top
  • Volcom Dress
  • JCrew belt
  • DSW ruffle flats
The temperature in my office has been so variable lately, and luckily I have been dressed as irratically as those temps, and it's been working out for me.  Yesterday it was a freezer in my cube, and I was wearing pants.  Today it is stuffy, and i'm wearing what looks like a mini skirt.  Boderline inappropriate in my office...what are they going to do - send me home?  Yes please!

So I'm over half way through this challenge.  How am I feeling about it?  I kiiiiiinda want to quit, but I won't.  I am starting to feel like I didn't pick enough 'different' things to make 30 different looks, and I feel so boring when I wear a plain cotton top with khaki shorts, but in all honesty, that says a lot about my style.  I should have picked a few more prints.  I think the next time I go on a shopping trip (end of August, yay!) I will try to pick up a few more accessories.  You've seen almost all the jewelry I own, and all but 1 or 2 belts and a handful of ribbons/sashes. 



In this outfit:
  • JCrew Cardi
  • Anthro Climbing Cowlneck
  • AE belt (2002!)
  • JCrew chinos
  • DSW sandals
With the wearing of these pants, I have officially worn everything in my 30 at least once!

I tried selling these pants on ebay this spring but never got any bites, and I suppose I'm glad about that.  Nothing like the potential loss of an item, purposely or not, to bring out my feelings of fondness.  They weren't getting the luv then, but since I took them off the auction they have.

Today is one of those Mondays where I feel so 'meh'.  OK I feel that way every Monday, but I don't always look it.  I am glad to have been able to come up with such a comforting outfit!

I know I have posted a few pics of these shoes already, but now I'll share a story about how we almost had a tragic and premature ending to our relationship and you'll understand why they are so special to me.  The story is simple, actually.  I wore them once, left them in the entryway for a few days, and came home to find that my dear nightmare of a family dog had consumed one of the rosettes.  Short of major surgery or tediously waiting for it to come out the other end, I was helpless and began to mourn the loss of my new shoes.

So, I sifted through all her poo for a few days and re-attached the rosette.

Just kidding, would anyone actually do that?  Ewww!  I called the retailer and they ended up replacing the shoes for me.  I got lucky and we lived happily ever after!!! 

Eight and Fifteen

Worn last Sunday for a shopping trip:

  • Navy JCrew hoodie
  • AE tank
  • Wet Seal skirt
  • Sperry Boat Shoes
What,  you say?!?!  Shopping.  Relax relax, I didn't buy a single thing for myself, I was buying necessities for my son, who is rapidly outgrowing all of his clothes.  I was a good girl!  My husband accused me of diverting my shopping desires to children's clothes purchasing...but again I can explain. 
We live:
  • Two hours from the nearest
    • Target
    • Kohls
    • Anything but Walmart, Shopko, Maurices
  • Four and a half hours from the nearest
    • Major shopping center or source of interesting retail therapy
You can feel sorry for me now, I feel sorry for me all the time.  We happened to be in the 2-hour range from home, so I took the opportunity to pick up a few winter things for the little boy while I could and they were on sale.

I digress.... 

And worn this Sunday to dinner at my in-law's house:

  • AE tank
  • Target shorts
  • Sperry boat shoes
It was a warm day here in northern Michigan so I kept it simple.  I ran through the sprinkler a few times with my son and I stood him on the grass to see if he liked it.  He was smiling....then we both got pelted in the face with water because I wasn't paying attention to the sprinker on the way back around....and he cried.  Sprinkler games were over after that!

Seven and Fourteen

Worn last Saturday for a day at the lake:

  • Hollister hooded 3/4 sleeve
  • AE tank 
  • Target Shorts 
  • Sperry boat shoes
Yes, I really was this covered up at the lake, I am not much for being in the sun, and it was breezy so actually not that warm.
    And worn this Saturday to a wedding reception:

    • Anthro blouse
    • Anthro skirt
    • Delia's belt
    • DSW sandals
    • Jcrew red cardi (not shown, was in the wash when i took this pic)
    My brother-in-law actually helped select this outfit from a choice of two outfits. I wanted to wear these shoes:

    white patent peep toes, why yes, thankyouverymuch!

    but they weren't in my 30. I could have worn these shoes:

    but my husband said I would be more comfortable in flats, and the reception was very casual, so I agreed. Would this have looked cuter with heels? YES! But was I happy with the outcome, definitely!

    Six and Thirteen

    Worn last Friday:

     In this outfit:
    • BCBG cardi-wrap
    • Splendid tank
    • JCrew patent belt
    • Express Capris
    • DSW sandals
    I know this is less than exciting, but I had to re-create this look at home because I never took a picture at the office.  I still loved the look for casual Friday at the office.  This is how I wore it most of the day:
    And this is how I also could have worn it:

     And worn on Friday, 7/23/10 and to my nephew's 2nd birthday party:

    In this outfit:
    • JCrew Cardi
    • AE tank
    • Gap sash
    • Express Capris
    • Sperry boat shoes
    • Necklace: Claires?
    We have casual fridays at my job, which infers we can wear jeans.  Most of the people I work with dress 'casual', imo, every day, so I usually look more dressed up than everyone else...which makes me just like a million of you readers out there, right?!?

    I feel like a little present wrapped up in this sash.  Perfect close to yet another unfulfilling week of work.  Have I mentioned that I'm dying to be a SAH mom?!?!



    In this outfit:
    • JCrew Cardi
    • JCrew black skinny patent belt
    • Splendid tank
    • Anthro Circle the Globe Skirt
    • DSW rosette sandals
    • Iridescent glass pendant necklace:  gift from mi madre
    Definitely decided this skirt was a good purchase!  Does anyone else love living by rules?  Am I the only person out there who generally likes following rules?  I created an additional rule for my 30 for 30 - this skirt must be worn at least once a week while the challenge is still on.  

    Today I feel festive because these colors (yellow and purple) are those of my college sorority.  I also think that the necklace helps pull the look together.  What do you think?

    Not much else to say except that I feel pretty today!